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​Building The Bridge Together

COVID 19 has exposed a deep rift in African Americans’ health disparities compared to the rest of the population. “Social Determinants of Health,” as identified by the CDC, is a well-known factor in discrepancies in infant mortality, chronic illnesses such as Diabetes, Hypertension, and Heart Disease, all resulting in lower life expectancies than the general population.

All of these are related to extreme pressure. In this case, the pressure is being black in America. In the 20th century, the red lines herded African Americans like cattle into the stalls of stagnant real estate, dangerous air pollution, toxic water, and the never-ending racial bias.

In a nation divided among imaginary lines of Ideology, class, gender, ethnicity, skin color, etc., the temptation exists to run away with any one of the many sound bites. Hearts must be changed, and the laws must affirm the change of heart, even if the laws come first.


"Black Lives Matter" is more than a saying or even an organization. It is the question of this new century. An assassin’s bullet shot Martin Luther King Jr, killing the man, but not his dream. It is the breathtaking persistence of African American’s deep abiding faith in the dream of the “Great American Experiment” that has buoyed the hopes and dreams of generations. This time, multiethnic multitudes stand in league with African Americans, all proclaiming that “Black Lives Matter” with no one left behind, and together we're "Building the Bridge Together."

20127444-SetHFin-Voter-Registration (1).

Structural barriers and cynicism about government keep millions of eligible Americans from participating in elections; here’s how to fix that. Center for American Progress.

When people exercise their power as voters, they can elect local, state, and national leaders who are responsive to and reflective of the communities they serve. Find out how to register now 

 Policy objectives to Bridge Justice and Peace
  • The primary ingredient to be added is a National Repentance in the United States of America. 

  • National Repentance must first start with the government reconciling the Declaration of Independence with America’s “Original Sin of Slavery.” 

  • Second, reconciliation should involve the economy with all key players. This reconciliation requires a “Kerner Commission” level of inquiry to trace the foundations of Slavery, supply chains of wealth that have bolstered the American economy, corporations, and significant stakeholders.

  • The investigation must develop into the law component as a guide to formulate future policy initiatives.

  • These initiatives would work to unravel systemic racism tentacles, reviewing and reforming policing, i.e., banning chokeholds, developing citizen’s review boards, sanctioning outside agencies to investigate the use of force cases and overturning qualified immunity for police officers, etc. Policing, along with other legal and social frameworks must be reformed.

        Diversity in One Accord is Harmony  
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